magenWe are a company with 15 years of experience developing Eco-clubs.

Quercus envisions well-planned communities while seeking an attractive return over investment for our members.

Back in 2001, its founder, Fernando J.J. Peña y Rodriguez, created the Quercus concept.

With a background as an agricultural engineer and entrepreneur in the real estate business he had the dream of bringing families in contact with nature. His vision was for people to live a healthier lifestyle and counterbalance actual problems such as overpopulation, pollution, traffic and over exposure to global media and technology.

The first Quercus Eco-club was created in 2001, in the surroundings of Patzcuaro, Michoacán, Mexico. This is a planned countryside community, with small cabins for its members. Quercus offers several amenities such as playground, trails, kiosks, sport courts, campground, stable and dining center which provides a community spirit.

Over time, Quercus improved their projects through innovating in architectural design, incorporating green technologies and adding value in its business model.

So far, we have developed five Eco-clubs with over 700 members.

Quercus Baja  QB®, was created for those with an adventurous spirit looking for a peaceful place in contact with nature and for those who love watersports and other outdoor activities.

turque“To create sustainable communities and Eco-clubs in order to improve quality of life. We want to contribute to the wellness of the human being, while being responsible towards the environment and our community. We also seek the enjoyment of life and a high return over investment for our members”.

aguaWe believe in eco-tourism and sustainable travel as more responsible models of growth and development. We intend to be consequent with nature.

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