Our philosophy is to be consequent with nature.

Our core values are:

  • Caring for the environment
  • Helping solve some of our community’s needs
  • Contributing to educating others

With these principles in mind, at QB ECOCLUB® we take action in nature conservation and awareness through the eco workshps and awareness in order to help the community of El Sargento in subjects such as waste control, educating to reduce and separate waste for recycling, reducing water consumption and caring for endemic species.


We also intend to influence local authorities to plan for a sustainable development in the area.

Other activities in favor of Nature conservancy include:

-Reducing carbon foot-print

-Using of recycled plastics and bio-products in construction

-Lowering energy consumption

-Encouraging appreciation and respect for the natural environment

-Caring for wilderness

We encourage respect for local wildlife. We are in favor of responsible fishing (the catch and release practice), and to fish under full supervision on guided tours.