THE KITER AT QB® was thought for the Baja traveler with an adventurous spirit. For those looking for the simplest but richest experiences in life. For those who appreciate all things money can’t buy we created

this special glamping place, which is a more comfortable way of camping.

The Kiter was inspired by the exciting sport of kitesurfing. This eco hotel is a tribute to all those athletes who have contributed to such watersports like Robby Naish, who has become a legend nowadays.

At the Kiter campground you can stay overnight in one of our tents specially designed to experience a sense of freedom with the basic comfort.

Enjoy the starry nights, feel the freshness of the air, relax sitting on a bench to read or watch the ocean view. You’ll need nothing else to feel at peace and find happiness.

Amenities provided at The Kiter:

Common restrooms




Fire Pit

Locker room

THE KITER AT QB® is located at the top of a hillside facing the Sea of Cortes. A place apart in the surroundings of “Agua Caliente” or “the hot springs”.


Comming soon