You can be part of QB EcoClub Community by filling out an application form, selecting the payment option according to your needs and signing a letter of acceptance of the rules and regulations at QB EcoClub.

Official ID or passport and Social Security Number (for foreign citizens) and proof of address.

RFC and CURP for Mexican citizens.

We intend to conserve the environment and support the well-being of the local people. We also procure the minimum consumption of natural resources.

Some measures implemented by QB® Eco-club include:

-Low density: Construction is restricted to only 30% of the lots total extension

-Bio-climatic design: minimum energy consumption

-Minimum water use

-Generation of energy through the use of solar panels

-Water treatment

We are members of the International Ecotourism Society. We are committed with sustainable travel and supporting our community.

We want to participate in supporting our community and contributing to sustainable development of this area. Through the creation of QB’s Nature Conservation Fund we intend to participate educating in waste use and disposal and other environmental programs.

Through the sale of various articles from our workshop, part of the earnings is destined to attain this goal.


The residential community at QB will be constituted as a Condominium under the regulations of the Municipal authorities.

In the first and second phase there are 44 privately lots for private use, which will be owned individually through property title.

The Eco-club area (palapa-bar and eco-hotel) will be independent to the residential area, however all residents at QB will have access to this area as long as they keep up to date with the maintenance fees.

All titles should be delivered within a three-year period or less to the owners since this is still ejido land. In the meantime we sign a private contract with the future owners.

We at QB provide legal certainty through the following documents:

– Assignment of rights (this is a private contract between the local ejido authority and ourselves, the equivalent of the proof of purchase)

– General power of attorney for private use of the land

– Construction permits by the Municipal Authorities

– Environmental permits by the Federal Authorities

Our project has the local support of the community of El Sargento and La Ventana and we have had the guidance and legal orientation by the Federal Agency in charge of land regulation (Procuraduría Agraria).

Through a private contract we grant the possession and all rights of use of the lot described in the contract.

We are responsible to develop all basic infrastructure and supervise the process of title delivery. Once this process is concluded, we proceed to sign that title under the client’s name by Notary Public.

We follow the same procedure as we do with Mexican citizens.

Once we have the title, the client is free to sign a Fideicomiso (Trust contract) with a bank to hold the title meeting the requirements of Mexican laws to own beach property.

It is located 1.5 kms uphil the hotsprings beach.

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Emergency Clinic

Gas Station

Convenience stores




If you are traveling by air the nearest airport is located in the City of La Paz. It lies approximately 45 kms from the town of El Sargento.

Prices range from $75,000 USD to $150,000 USD depending on the model.

However custom made eco-suites may have a variation in final price.

6 to 8 months is the estimate time to build an eco-suite.

Local authorities require a construction permit once you have Municipal authorization and approval of the Federal Environmetal Agency (SEMARNAT). QB® Ecoclub already has those requirements.

We have destined roughly two acres for QB® EcoClub which will include among other amenities:

Palapa-bar, small swimming pool, sports center for rental equipment, restaurant, camping ground and hotel area.