The QB® architectural project is inspired by Baja Sur’s ancient or vernacular construction and contemporary architecture. By adding a bioclimatic design and state-of-the-art materials we ended up with a practical living space which is adequate for the local environment.

At QB® we intend to have a harmonious integration with the environment, procuring the minimum impact.

In the residential area at QB® ECOCLUB we offer a simple and practical modular suite that maximizes space use with the possibility to grow in the future.

Central Doho Architects a firm with expertise in sustainable design conducted this project.


Most materials employed to build the Eco-suites were thought to be the most eco-friendly, practical and suitable for the area. We suggest the use of FC Block® or  Eco-block® on walls which is made out of recycled PET. Palapa roofs provide freshness and a relaxed feel.


Plant digester and reuse of water.

Turismo sustentable 2
Turismo sustentable 1