Conceptual Architectural Typology


The QB architectural project is oriented to a housing model that meets the philosophy of Quercus, that is harmonizing with nature through the use of green technologies in order to utilize natural resources from the area and ensure minimum impact to the ecosystem. This will require using materials offered by the region and blend in with the landscape.

Rammed earth walls-, wood, palm tree leaves and even some locally sourced recycled materials are highly recommended.

Eco techniques suggested for housing includes: solar panels, grey water recycling plant, solar heaters, eco block walls and the use of cross ventilation systems.

Owning a lot in the residential area at QB® ECOCLUB gives you access to the architectural project we have developed. This project includes design and all the basic blueprints to start construction.



The QB® architectural project is inspired by a fusion of vernacular construction with modern bioclimatic design. We at QB® intend to have an harmonious integration with the environment, procuring the minimum impact.

In the residential area at QB® ECOCLUB we offer a simple and practical modular design suite that maximizes space use with the possibility to grow in the future.

The architectural project was designed by Central Doho Architects, a firm with expertise in sustainable design.


Most materials employed to build the Eco-suites were thought to be the most eco-friendly, practical and suitable for the area. We make use of Eco-block® on walls which is made out of recycled PET. Palapa roofs provide freshness and a relaxed feel.



Eco-suites make use of solar panels, bio digestors, solar heaters and reuse of water.