Riding a bike in El Sargento’s various MTB trails can be a truly exciting and marvelous experience. If you are a pro or amateur rider you will find mountain biking at El Sargento a challenge you cannot miss.

According to Singletracks rating (a specialized website on MTB), El Sargento has three of the top ten MTB trails in Mexico. Warren Av., Los Topes and Pista Pista are the names of three of the top five trails you can find in La Ventana /El Sargento.


The most popular sport in La Ventana / El Sargento is kitesurfing.

Some 15 years ago this place was discovered as a paradise with perfect conditions for kitesurfing during the windy season that goes from mid-october to mid-april. During this time of warm weather, a flow of consistent wind funnels through Cerralvo or Jacques Cousteau’s Island and the u-shape bay providing kitesurfers with a paradise suited for beginners to experts.

Discovery Channel and Kiteboarding magazines consistently rate La Ventana / El Sargento as one of the best places to learn, train and practice this growing sport.

Various kite competitions take place in La Ventana / El Sargento. The Kite Foil Gold Cup 2015 is an international competition that takes place in four sites around the world. Several competitors from around the world qualified to be in the championship group “Gold Fleet” and to compete for the overall event title.

La Ventana Classic, Lord of the Winds and La Ventana Kite Fest are other kiteboard, windsurf and SUP paddle competitions taking place each year in La Ventana / El Sargento.


Stand up paddle surf can be a relaxing but also a good exercise for everyone who wishes to chill out in the calm water of the ocean.

As with most water sports, with a Standup Paddle Board there are options galore.  A peaceful morning cruise on a flat day, surfing the various breaks when there is swell, or competitive course racing to get your energy and heart pumping.

Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a great way to share the day with family and friends – and to make new friends.

Person stand up paddle-board surfing at Ventana Bay, near El Sargento, Sea of Cortez, Baja California Sur, Mexico


A tour in kayak is fun and rewarding experience all along the coast shore and a good exercise as well.

The nationally protected island of Espiritu Santo just north of La Paz was noted by the USA Today as one of the 50 places in the world you must visit in your lifetime. The waters around Espiritu Santo Island are ideal for kayaking and feature unique wildlife encounters such as snorkeling with friendly sea lions at Los Islotes and the gentle, graceful whale sharks of El Mogote.

Expeditions along the remote coast and islands between La Paz and Loreto, including the Loreto Bay National Marine Park (a world heritage UNESCO site), have been highlighted as the “ultimate Baja California kayaking safari” by National Geographic Adventure magazine.

Regula Heeb kayaking at Ventana Bay, El Sargento, Sea of Cortez, Baja California Sur, Mexico


To truly appreciate the beauty of Baja Sur you have to look beneath the surface.

Diving the waters of La Paz, El Sargento, Cabo Pulmo and all around Baja is world class. The Sea of Cortes is truly “the worlds aquarium” for its diverse body of marine life including Sea Lions, Giant Pacific Manta Rays, Schooling Hammerhead Sharks, Whales, Whale Sharks and more.

The dive sites are as abundant and diverse as the marine life. It is not uncommon to dive with Whale Sharks, Dolphin, Seals, and other large sea creatures. The smaller creatures are spectacular as well.

There are incredible opportunities for Photography, Spear Fishing, and other underwater sports as well.

It is best to bring your own dive gear, and rent tanks and weights here in La Ventana. Full equipment rental are available as well in the area.

In case you want to bring your own wetsuit, the thickness varies depending on the season. In summer and early fall, you may get away with just a lycra, while in February you may need a full 5mm wetsuit.


If you like heart-stopping action, you cannot miss going out fishing in El Sargento.

Fishing is quite good all year long, specially from april to November.

The Sea of Cortes is one of the most abundant fishing areas in the world. Just few of the more popular Baja sportfish are Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Yellow Tail, Wahoo, Dorado, Cabrilla, Groupers, Jack Cravelle, Cabrilla, Yellow FinTuna, Rosterfish, and Sierra.

Popular fishing destinations include Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos,  Los Barriles and La Paz. But you can avoid the high prices and crowds and stay in La Ventana / El Sargento for a wonderful fishing trip.

At QB Eco-Club we encourage the catch and release practice.



Snorkeling is a most do activity when you come to Baja California Sur. At Espiritu Santo Island you can Snorkel with friendly sea lions. All around La Paz beaches, you can take a short boat ride to a protected, sheltered cove with crystal clear water and explore the mangroves and shallow waters.

Or if you are looking for a more adventurous experience you can take a tour to swim along the whale shark and see this wonderful creature from a very short distance.


Baja California Sur has multiple places where you can observe the biggest mammals in the planet. Magdalena Bay, San Carlos, Lopez Mateos offer a variety of services to make your whale watching trip an unforgettable adventure.

An estimated 18,000 California gray whales, which spend the summer months in the Bering Sea, migrate south in the fall, ending up in the quiet lagoons of Baja California to spend the winter. The 12,000-mile round trip may be the longest migration of any mammal on Earth.

La Paz is a favorite point of departure to the most popular whale-watching destinations because it has a variety of trip operators and options. The city’s annual Grey Whale Festival, which takes place in early February, includes concerts, traditional cuisine and whale-watching expeditions.

Tourists can choose half- or full-day trips on small boats called pangas, longer excursions from base camps and overnight cruises. As many as 300 whales can be present on any given day during the mating and calving season. The sweet-tempered and curious gray whales often approach boats.

Discover the wonderful world of the humpback whales and sink into the enchantment of their singing, amazing jumps and fun games.


El Off-road significa “Fuera de camino” es una carrera que se realiza en toda la Península de Baja California. Comienza en Ensenada y termina en La Paz. Tiene un recorrido de mil millas de un sólo tajo.
El recorrido es abrupto, desértico, e impredecible pero vale la pena observarlo desde lugares estratégicos de la zona.